All commercial and industrial installations require thorough insight to accurately ponder key factors leading to a quotation worthy of your project.

Whether you hire Calixair for your water cooling or multi-story building air-conditioning needs, for example, some components are key for our understanding. Therefore, we will visit your premises, and consider all your air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration systems.


Trust our team for your installations, regardless of the surface, systems or elements to be considered.


Calixair is also a repair qualified team that you can trust. Vast knowledge and experience are fundamental to this service, which is required by businesses and industries.

Did you know that ensuring optimal state of your air conditioning, heating or cooling systems is a responsible initiative that could benefit the service life and performance of these systems? Deploying existing and innovative knowledge, we are able to give you access to these advantages among other things.


All commercial or industrial businesses taking personnel safety seriously should call an expert for the verifying, repairing or moving air-conditioning, heating or refrigeration systems.


For several reasons, regular visits from professionals of air-conditioning, heating or refrigeration system maintenance are critical.
This can save you from damages, unnecessary costs, and headaches!

Regardless of the surface or elements to consider, our team is careful, rigorous and transparent: all information relating to the state of your systems will be shared with you after each expert visit on your premises.

Any questions ?

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