As a business, finding the best solution to on-site air-conditioning, heating or refrigeration systems is a key activity. Factors like the number of units to provide, the surface type, and installation content are vital to correctly evaluate your needs. Calixair will give you a precise diagnosis and will help you choose the best as your next commercial investments. Our experts in this matter will guide you through different options, always keeping in mind your budget, future projects and all elements to consider.

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This booming sector is well known at Calixair, and we meet its evolving needs with adapted products and services. Auto-regulation technologies, preventive maintenance and expert eye on already installed units are some initiatives taken by our specialists to give you a turnkey service to meet your air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration needs. Let them evaluate your needs, on your premises, with their years of expertise in your business line.


With accurate organization systems, our team understands all processes to include in order to meet our institutional customers’ expectations. From call for tenders to multi-level projects, Calixair takes on significant air conditioning, heating and refrigeration projects from institutions. Our experts’ vast knowledge allows us to efficiently adjust to ongoing or future projects as well as multiple skills required for these projects (engineers, project managers, etc.).

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With an exclusive know-how, Calixair’s team demonstrates their expertise in other areas than those they are known for, which are air-conditioning, heating and refrigeration. These are, of course, central to our service offer. However, we also provide innovative solutions for cooling, mechanical control and building mechanicals for all our business lines.